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Santec OTF-970 Adjustable Bandwidth Tunable Filter

Santec OTF-970 Adjustable Bandwidth Tunable Filter

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Center wavelength adjustment & bandwidth tuning Independently

Santec has developed a new programmable optical tunable filter (OTF-970) that combines the attractive features of wide C+L band tunability with of bandwidth tuning and sharp filter slope. Built with novel, free-space custom optics and an ultra-fine tuning mechanism the OTF-970 ensures precise filter control and a flat-top passband shape. The filter is particularly suited to high isolation channel selection and noise filtering in high-speed transmission testing at 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s.



  • Center wavelength adjustment & bandwidth tuning independently
  • Wavelength range: 1525-1610nm (C&L Band)
  • Bandwidth range:
    Standard 0.1 – 15.0nm, Ultra-Fine 0.08 – 4.0nm
  • Flat-top filter shape with a steep filter slope
    Standard 200dB/nm, Ultra-Fine 400dB/nm
  • Peak search function
  • Programmable
  • Supporting control software (USB / GP-IB)



  • 40Gb/s , 100Gb/s transmission test
  • WDM wavelength tuning
  • ASE noise filtering
  • Next generation bundle wavelength OXC
  • Pulse shaping
  • Flexible test and measurement

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