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Release time:2020-10-30 11:53:51

In recent years, the industry has been focusing on reducing the occupied area of ​​optical fiber networks. It can be said that around 2005, as optical fiber suppliers developed small bend radius (RBR) optical fibers, the trend toward smaller optical cables and hardware began to appear. Soon after these new optical waveguide designs appeared, people formulated an international standard for specification, namely ITU G657. Subsequently, as the tolerance of optical fibers to macro-bending and micro-bending gradually increased, these fibers that could be "knotted" began to allow for smaller cable designs.
The macro and micro benefits of small bending radius optical fiber
   Macroscopic bending is a simple phenomenon that is easy to understand. ITU G657 specifies special optical loss specifications at special bending radii for macro-bending performance. However, there are some claims that the improved microbending performance comes from the main feature of the small bending radius, which enables smaller size and higher performance wiring. One way to actually analyze the difference between macrobending and microbending is to imagine winding an optical fiber around your finger, measuring the fiber loss (macro bend), pressing a piece of sandpaper on the fiber and measuring the corresponding Loss (microbending loss), and then compare the difference between the two.
   In these two cases, the fundamental optical phenomena that cause signal loss are very different. When the fiber optic cable is exposed to a low temperature environment, the material in the fiber optic cable will tend to shrink and exert force along the length of the fiber. This force can cause slight bending of the optical fiber in the optical cable. For example, the improved microbending tolerance of optical fibers with small bend radius can undoubtedly help the optical cable to withstand greater temperature changes.
   Global fiber optic cable manufacturers are taking advantage of this feature of small bending radius fibers. Their "wish" is to develop optical cables that can be used like copper cables-sturdy, durable, small in size, practical, and easy for anyone to operate without damaging the optical fiber. To achieve this goal, people have also innovated the materials used in the manufacturing of optical cables. The bending performance of the optical fiber with small bending radius has been improved, which has promoted the use of new materials and new manufacturing in the manufacture of optical cables, thereby making the optical cables smaller in size and lighter in weight. These problems are solved together, and a new generation of optical cables with smaller dimensions and greater flexibility can be manufactured.
   One of the main factors for small radius optical cables is patch cords and other direct connection optical cables. In addition to the obvious benefit of being able to install more fiber optic cables in the same space, smaller fiber optic cables can also speed up air flow because they take up less duct space. As active electronic component suppliers try to miniaturize and merge electronic cabinets, the importance of this advantage will become more apparent. In such electronic cabinets, heat has gradually become an important issue. Usually, people will consider the airflow along the copper cable (the copper cable itself generates heat). But as equipment cabinets become smaller and hotter, all aspects of airflow become important.
A new wave of smaller direct-connect optical cables and jumpers has begun
Smaller size, beyond your imagination
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