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Agilent 81577A

Agilent 81577A

Product Classification:Optical attenuator

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Functional overview:

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Key Features and Specifications
Main Performance Indicators
• High input power level : 2 W
• wavelength flatness : <0.05dB
• High attenuation accuracy <0.1dB
• Repeatability <10mdB
Agilent 81577A Variable Optical Attenuator provides the lowest insertion loss and excellent wavelength flatness within 60 dB attenuation range, telecommunication and data communication systems to characterize the optical network components . Agilent 81577A attenuator has power control function , you can set the attenuator output power level .

• The built-in power meter for monitoring
• Low PDL, PMD, CD ensures low signal distortion
• wavelength flatness : <0.05dB
• Wide range of wavelengths : 1200 nm to 1700 nm (SM)
• Use the built-in shutter power meter zeroing
• Built-in calibration function
Advantage :
• Optional integrated power meter enables you to transmit power ( non- decay ) is set to obtain consistent results.
• high optical performance to support your launch systems and components for testing , while ensuring minimal impact on the input signal .
• Unique combination of optical performance parameters gives you the flexibility to use in different settings and applications, reusable modular attenuator.
• Integrated shutter protects test equipment, simplifying the positioning and power meter zeroing ( no need to change settings ) .
• Enhanced internal calibration feature can reduce the uncertainty of multi-wavelength applications , and improve the efficiency calibration .

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