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Release time:2020-10-30 11:47:34

Shenzhen Zhongce Yixiu Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the maintenance of optical communication test instruments
Recycling such as: spectrum analyzer tunable laser
Optical power meter Optical wavelength meter Light source PDL controller Insert return loss tester
Optical attenuator UV light source... etc. Contact number 18688783216 Zhang Gong
Optical power meter host HP8153A 8163A 8164A 1830C 1835C 1936C 1918C 2936C
Optical power module 81531A 81533B 81618A 81619A 1532A 81536A 81632A/B
81633A 81634A 81635A
Light probe HP81521A/B 81525A/B 81524A 81632A/B 81624A/B 81625A/B 81626A/B
Light source module HP81551SM 81552SM 81553SM 81554SM 81650A 81651A 81652A
81653A 81654A 81655A 81656A 81657A 81662A
Broad spectrum light source HP83437A 83438A
Tunable laser 8167B 8168E 8168F 81689A 81480A 81682A 81642A 81640A 81600A/B
AQ4321A/D AQ4320A/D TSL-510
Error code analyzer 86100A/B/C 86130A 37717A/B/C 37718A/B/C N4903A 86105A/B/C
86103A 86116C 54754A 86112A 86117A 86118A 86108A 83446A
Spectrum analyzer 7004A+70950B 86142A/B 86140A/B 86141B 86145B 86146B
MS9710A/B/C MS9740A MS9780A AQ6315E AQ6317 AQ6317B/C AQ6370B
AQ6319 Q8331 Q8383 Q8384 Q8347 Q8344A
Return loss meter RM3750B RX30701 RM3050 PS3650B ORL-55 IQ-3200 FOT-300
HP81534A 81610A 81611A 81612A 81613A 81614A
Optical Wavelength Meter 86120A 86120B 86120C WA-1100 WA-1500 WA-7600 FTB-5320
Q6140 TQ8325… and other instruments
Provide maintenance, recovery, supply, calibrate optical communication test instruments and meters, etc., and exchange old models of equipment for the latest ones. Friends in need are welcome to inquire and negotiate.
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    Rich experience

    Several senior instrument maintenance engineers

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    Advanced technology

    The company has advanced technology.

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    Excellent quality

    Provide quality assurance for customers

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    To provide customers with perfect after-sales service.

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